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Why Train With Us?


We’re raising the bar and lowering the cost!

In today’s learning environment it can be both difficult and frustrating to get the training you need to be successful in your career.

Some training providers make it a challenge for you by:

  • Dealing in business to business only ( no offerings for individual learners)

  • Their course schedules are inflexible and don’t match your availability

  • Their training is incredibly expensive

  • You must come to their location

  • You book a seat in their class only to have it cancel due to low attendance, requiring rescheduling

Who has time to for all of that? Best Practice Training is dedicated to addressing the challenges modern learners face.

All of our courses are:

Never rescheduled

With our video instruction, we have no minimum enrollment requirements that must be met, no capacity limitations and no maximum class size restrictions. We believe you should be able to get the training you need regardless of the training provider’s ability to manage their demand.


Get the instruction you need for a for a fraction of what you would spend.

Typical course prices from other providers can exceed $2000.00/ student. Our video instruction courses are less than half of that. (testing fees included!)

Available immediately and fit your schedule

Get the training you need 24x7x365. 

You don’t have to go through a sales rep or training advisor to schedule a course. You have complete control. You can start your course in minutes.

For individuals or businesses

Whether you are a member of an IT organization or you have many staff on your team, our course is meant for you.

If you are wanting to get into IT and are looking to get critical certifications to help get you hired or promoted, our training is for everyone.

Accessible anywhere

Attend class in your office, at home, on the subway, or wherever you have time to train.

All you need is a device and an internet connection. 

The best VALUE for your training dollar

Dollar for dollar, no other training organization can provide the quality of instruction, the accessibility of class resources, and the quality of training material at the price we offer.

Our organization has been built around providing you the highest quality training experience and the lowest possible price.

Course Features


Led by Master Instructors

Our instructors have taught hundreds of courses, and helped thousands of students get the certifications they need during that time. The average experience of our instructor cadres is 20 years. That is the average!


Applicable to the Real World

The focus of the course goes beyond just what is required to pass the test.

Our instruction provides examples of companies that are actually using the best practices. The courses share ideas of how to apply these concepts in terms that you can easily relate to and later incorporate into your organization.


Track Progress and Mastery of Concepts

We know that know sometimes work happens causing you to start and stop your learning.  Don’t worry, we have you covered. Spend as much time as you need to master each learning unit or if needed, revisit a section as many times as you like until you are ready to move to the next section.

Our course allows you to test your knowledge at the end of each section and gives you the confidence you are ready to proceed. You don’t have to feel rushed to get through the course over 2 or 3 days.

Our end of section review quizzes are graded immediately upon submission. This gives you immediate feedback about any topics or questions you have missed.  Armed with this information, you can elect to revisit just the part of the material you need to understand to be able to master that section quickly.


Available Immediately

There is no more waiting to see if there will be enough students to run a class, no travel to or from a training site, and no waiting for the scheduled start date of the class.  Just sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home or office and learn the skills you need to be effective at your job in a few clicks.


Ask the Instructor

When you are enrolled and taking a class, you can contact our instructors and ask them any question(s) you have,  just as if you are in class. The instructor will respond to your question specifically.

We include in your course subscription access to our ‘Office Hours’ which allows you to ask questions directly from our experts. The very same people you see in the video.

This is something you just can’t get from a click through e-learning course.


Learn Quickly

Our course includes access to our Quizlet site which contains electronic flash cards, games and quizzes to help make learning terms and definitions in each course fun and easy. 

Enroll now to start learning today.