Identify, Define, and Value Services (Video Instruction)

Our course helps individuals gain the knowledge and experience needed to be confident in identifying, defining, and value IT services within their organization. 

The ‘identify, define and value services’ course contains many hands-on, practical exercises which apply to any organization regardless of its size or industry vertical. The concepts discussed work for companies in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, non-profit organizations, or government. The ideas discussed in this training program are universally applicable.

In the class, we look at a single ‘Customer Facing Service’ provided by IT and explore how it creates value for different stakeholders such as the Business, the Customer, and the Service Provider itself.

During the course, learners will:

  • Understand the business, its vision, goals, and objectives
  • Identify Enterprise-level Consumers and explore how the Enterprise creates value through its product and service offerings
  • Identify the Business Units within an organization involved in facilitating the Enterprise-level products and services
  • Identify and understand the Customer and Customer Assets within a business unit, articulate the challenges that the Customer faces in achieving their business outcomes
  • Identify a Customer-Facing Service provided by IT to address Customer challenges and explore how that service creates value
  • Understand the Service Provider and the Service Assets that are required to develop and maintain a Customer Facing Service
  • Identify, define and value supporting services provided to the IT organization from internal providers and external suppliers
  • Explore the concept of service governance and identify a set of metrics that apply to a Customer-Facing Service that take into account the different stakeholder perspectives

By the end of the course, learners will have a strong understanding of what Customer-Facing services IT provides, who they are provided, and how those services enable value co-creation for the stakeholders in a service relationship.

This course is delivered 100% online through high-quality video lessons containing a lecture, the use of the lecture topic in a case study, reinforced by learning exercises, then reviewed. During our course, you can interact with an instructor via our in-site messaging service and during our streaming ‘office hours for students each week.

Many of the concepts in this class are based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a famous collection of best practices in IT service management.

ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under the permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

This course is complimentary to both new and current students. 

Why attend the Identify Define and Value Service course?

Many learners and IT professionals attend courses in IT service management such as the ITIL foundation course and become excited with the possibility of using some of the best practices discussed in class in their organization. They learn about what services are, why they are important, how organizations can organize themselves to efficiently and effectively provision services for their consumers, and even learn about several of the practice areas that are required per the ITIL foundation exam syllabus.

This is great information however, they don’t learn how to actually go about the business of identifying services in an organization, defining the service and service offerings, and explaining how a service enables value co-creation for its stakeholders. This course explores an easy to follow method for doing just that. 

If you or your organization has attempted to define the services they offer and have found that they hit a wall, this course is for you!

Check out the video below for a brief overview of ITIL.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Identify, Define and Value Services
    15 minutes
  • Identify, Define and Value Services Course Manual
    5 minutes
  • Understand the Enterprise
    65 minutes
  • Understand the Customer
    65 minutes
  • Understand the Service Provider
    60 minutes
  • Governance
    40 minutes

Your Identify, Define, and Value Services Course Includes:

4 Complete Video-based Lessons

This course is broken down based on the different stakeholder perspectives. We look at things from the business , customer and service provider perspectives. Each perspective has has its own section which contains video based instruction, a case study showing the concepts in practice and exercises to perform which enable the user to practice this concept for their organization.

We also explore what is meant by governance and review how it is applied in the context of service management from each of the perspectives listed above.

Electronic Copy of the Course Manual

A digital copy of the course manual is included with the course and is available immediately upon sign up. You don’t have to wait for the class to start or spend time chasing down a fed-ex delivery to get your course manual. You can begin your training right away!

Exercise Tempates

We include templates for your organization to use during and after the course to help identify, define, and value the services that the IT organization provides to its consumers.

'Office Hours' with the Instructor

We understand that even after attending an amazing course, people still may have questions. We differentiate ourselves from other video based instruction by giving you access to the person you have gotten to know in the videos. 

Each week, the instructor sends out a message with a time and instructions on how to attend an ‘Office Hours’ session. During this time you can join a live call, asks questions and get them answered by the instructor. 

Just try getting access to instructors from some of the other organizations. 

Course Completion Certificate

When you finish the course, you will be provided a course completion certificate which you can use to validate and verify your participation in our training program. This completion certificate may be useful in satisfying CEU or PDU requirements for other certifications you may possess and for satisfying documentation requirements for HR training mandates.

Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

This is self-paced learning course of approximately 3 days of instruction and individual study time. You are free to take this course based on your needs and at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have 24×7 access to the course for 90 days. If you feel you need additional time, please contact the instructor through the integrated message system on the site or email directly at


Can I have face to face interation with Instructor

Yes, at Best Practice Training, we want you to be successful. We have done our best to provide a quality training video series but we understand that everyone learns differently, if you have questions that need extra clarification we give you access to the instructor in what we call ‘Office Hours’.

Once a week the course instructor will open up a video call which you can attend. During that time you are free to ask any questions about the course and get them answered real time. 

If the questions that are asked by learners are consistent, the instructor may record the answer to the question and place it in a course FAQ page. 

 The office hours will be communicated to course attendees through website messaging. 

In addition, if during the course you have a question that is simple and straight forward, you are free to contact the instructor via our direct messaging system from the member’s area.

Does this course offer a completion certificate to verify my training hours?

Yes, this course offers a course completion certificate to show that you have attended the training.

Is there a certification exam for this course?

No, there is no certification or professional designation associated with this course. This course focuses on practical application of the concepts and is not considered a ‘test-prep’ course.

The course is not affiliated with any specific certification or governing body however, it is based on experience and best practices found in the ITIL framework and other best practices common to the Service Management industry.

Who should attend?

The course is open to anyone and is attended by individuals at the start of their journey in service management. It is very appropriate for  ITSM Managers and aspiring ITSM Managers, individuals working in other parts of IT with strong influence in service delivery, and existing ITIL qualification holders wishing to update their knowledge.

Typically job descriptions or titles of learners who attend include but are not limited to:


  • Service desk agents
  • Service desk managers
  • Project managers
  • Program managers
  • Application developers
  • Application managers
  • Network engineers
  • Network technicians
  • Service level managers
  • Business analysts
  • Database administrators
  • Tool administrators
  • Desktop support
  • Field service technicians
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • ITSM tool administrators
  • IT Consultants
  • Bench technicians
  • Customer service representatives
  • Hardware technicians
  • Sales representatives
  • Business relationship managers
  • IT Asset managers
  • Change analysts
  • Change managers
  • Service Management Office (SMO) members
  • IT Portfolio managers
  • Functional team leads
  • and many more…
Are there any prerequisites to attend?

No, this course is open to anyone of any experience level within IT. There are no minimum experience or educational requirements. Everyone in IT or anyone who is interested in getting into IT is encouraged to participate.

It is suggested that attendees posses the ITIL foundation certificate as many of the concepts discussed in the foundation are introduced and built upon with this focused training.